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All client feedback has been given at the end of therapy and has been anonymised to protect confidentiality. Permission to use each testimony has been granted before publishing.

Thank you to my clients for their kind words.

49 year old Female

"From the very first moment I met Jo she made me feel at ease, for me that was the most important thing having put off going to counselling for so long"

22 year old Female

"Counselling has helped me overcome so many things and helped me gain confidence in myself again. I can talk so easily to Jo, she listens to me and just seems to get me"

46 year old male
"I think it is hard as a man to admit we might need help, my wife put me in touch with Jo and I'm so glad she did. I have a high pressured job and Jo has helped me manage my stress so much better, which has had a positive effect on my relationships at work and at home. Anyone considering counselling should do it!"
50 year old Female
"Over the last 6 months you have got me through some really dark moments, I felt I was useless and worthless. Thank you so much for your patience, your kindness and that little bit of humour that got me through!'
45 year old female
"I never thought I would get used to life without mum, you've helped me find the strength and the courage to face things again. Thank you for teaching me it's OK to grieve and to mourn my lovely mum whilst helping me find ways to to go on in life with her memory"
40 year old female
"In a 50 minute session with Jo I can laugh, cry, get angry, cry again and then laugh some more. At the end I've always managed to work through something or leave with a new way of looking at something. Thanks Jo"
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